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Huge Dinosaur sized training content becomes Tiny with us

Build hyper-engaging training in 5 minutes in 60+ languages


Get ready to create a thriving learning environment for your teams

Achieve 10X better training completion rates across departments

One-click content creating tools

Build courses instantly using Generative AI or Add your content manually.

Real-time insights

Use our analytical dashboard to track completion, open and received reports.

Better completion rates

Short courses enhanced for attention spans and for behavioral change.

Share where they are

Share instantly where your teams are - on Slack, SMS, Email, API or Teams.

Access content without login

Teams can access training in without login on any platform.

Creative, unique & engaging

Improve engagement with customized and unique designed content.

We make learning short, quick and fun

Knowledge without reinforcement is 87% forgotten within 24 hours and 98% forgotten within 2 weeks

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Growing organizations

Create customized training from 500+ templates.

Your team is everything. You can move fast and break things, but everyone should feel included.

You don’t need another SaaS. Deploy impressive courses directly to any channel.


Training that isn’t boring.

You no longer need to chase employees to take training. You will be able to improve engagement with quick and fun training.

Reach to employees on the channels they use everyday. Make learning seamless for your employees.

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Hyper-engaging courses, on any subject.

TikTok style micro training and quizzes on any courses to build a stronger community.

Share micro learning courses with quizzes in one click - no logins required.

Tinosur   vs   E-Learning

    Content that your teams need
    Focused, customized and beautiful content
    No apps, no logins required - magic link only
    Extremely high completion rates
    Share via Teams, Email, SMS, API or Slack
    Content that is outdated
    One-size-fits-all content
    One more login for separate system
    7-9% completion rates
    Have old bulky integrations
    Have old bulky integrations

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Don't settle for training that's uninspiring for your teams and students

Track the impact and educate remote or in-person staff or students using the short meaningful content and training